Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Era of the Amatos

July 24, 2017

This week was pretty exciting. Let´s start with these:

1. Well I´ll start with the "bad" but super spiritual part. One day we (my companion and I) were walking down a pretty busy street and I had this impression, which I thought was just a random thought, that I should walk a little bit slower so I did what I thought and I slowed down. About 5 minutes later a car drove by us and hit a rock that was in the road about 30 ft in front of us and so with all the speed that the car had, the rock went flying by right in front of me. After that we examined the rock and it was about the size of a golf ball (maybe a bit smaller). Super strong testimony builder that the Lord watches over his missionaries. And we also started to avoid busy streets like that and if we had to walk down a busy street we would fight on who would be the one closest to the street. πŸ˜πŸ˜

2. Ok this last Thursday our beloved house lord (like land lord, but for a house) died at 12:46 in the night. His name was Victor Baigorria. On that morning we received the call that he died and that we needed to be in the church early so that the viewing could be done in the church building. And because we were the only ones who had time and keys to the building we had to be there the three days and pass by every so often. Really it was a sad time but it is so great to have the gospel in our lives because we know that death isn't the end but it is just a step in this great plan of happiness. 

3. Well I guess you are all wondering what special musical number we did for our new president. Well we did the EFY medly and I played the piano. It was super amazing and it is super true that when you prepare something like that the choir of angels sing with the choir. My expectations of all of my Latinos were destroyed by their performance. They truly rocked the roof with their English and I am super proud of them. 

Well I guess I would say that the highlight this week was the multizone that we had with President and Hermana Amato. We also had the opportunity to meet their children also. But what was super kool was what we learned. Before he left President Boswell taught us about positive attitude and always searching. Now President Amato is teaching us to search specifically to find the Escogidos (the Elect). The purpose as missionaries now is to find the Elect because the Elect hear the gospel and do not harden their hearts. Which eventually brought up the question "what about the other people who are not Escogidos?" Well he told us that the people who aren't Escogidos will have their opportunity during the millennial after Christ comes to the Earth. This is the great plan of the Father to give everyone the opportunity to hear and accept his gospel because he loves each and every one of us. He knows each of us personally and wants the best for us and it´s by this gospel we can receive all of these blessings.
I miss you all tons,
Elder Garbett


It's Elder Garbett Time!!!

July 17, 2017

Alright. It´s Elder Garbett time!!!!!!!

1. Well we have been preparing for a special Zone Conference with our new Mission President. It includes the interviews, some thoughts from him and his wife, and a lunch. But besides all of that I am in charge of a special musical number that the entire Zone is going to sing to them. And, well, because I am a gringo we are going to sing in English. The meeting is tomorrow so I will send a video of that next week. 

2. Well we went on splits this week and this time my companion stayed in the area. And when you leave a Latino in the area for a day things don´t go well. For example this time he decided to plan a lesson that was on one side of the area at 6 and then plan another one on the other side of the area at 7 and it is around this time that the traffic is absolutely horrible. So when I found this out we had just left the lesson that was at 6. So during this time we were in a taxi frantically worrying that we would be super late and so when we were about 6 blocks away (and six blocks here are huge) we decided to run for it and as we left the taxi I apparently left my Book of Mormon case in there. And it included all of my important papers and my beloved agenda. so we can just say that I am super sad about that. πŸ˜•

3. Today was a P-day of companions. And so just like any other good companionship who knows each other, we slept. But besides the sleeping (which we comfortably enjoyed) we decided to go out to eat lunch today. But today was a bit different than normal because we went to McDonald's. I´ll just say, P-day Well spent!😁😁😁

Well overall this week was absolutely amazing. I continue to see the works of God every day in little and in big things. For example the Hermana that we recently baptized has had a major change in her home. Before her husband wanted nothing with us. Her children fought all the time and her 17 year old daughter was super rebellious. But all of that began to change this week. Her husband is beginning to pray. Her children still fight but now she can deal with it and calmly change the situation and now her daughter is beginning to humble herself and their relationship is beginning to become better. Really as we stay firm in the gospel and do the things that the Lord asks of us he begins to help us have the desires of our hearts. In this example Hermana Marina is beginning to see that there is actually a chance that she could have this eternal family that we always continue to promise her.
I miss you tons and love you lots,
Elder Garbett

One after the other

July 10, 2017

Well this week was pretty good..... no, it was amazing:

1. Well I had my third official English class this last week. It´s kinda interesting to see how all of the Latinos are progressing in their English, and how the gringos are losing it. So every English class I have I need to include a song, so why not use the primary songs? Well I will tell you why not. Because apparently nobody knew the song Little Purple Pansies and I was left to come up with another song in less than a minute. 

2. This last Saturday we all went (as a Zone activity) to the temple. The point of this trip was to bring investigators to the grounds to get to know the temple and know a basic background of what we do inside the temple. After we did that you could just see the excitement on each of the investigators faces when they found out what they could do inside the temple and have an eternal family. It truly was awesome. 

Well as you can see from the title we had another baptism this week. Her name is Marina DΓ­az and apparently she was one of those investigators that we call an eternal investigator. One Sunday (a couple of Sundays ago) she randomly showed up and asked us to visit her. Well we visited her and she told us her experience about her testimony of Joseph Smith. Well after that we placed a baptism date on her and we started to work with her. She understood everything and accepted it with joy. But one thing that was (and still is) hard is her family. Her family is super rough and don´t really support her in what she does (besides her uncle). We've been working with her and her family but I just know that little by little her family´s hearts will soften and they will all go to the temple one day to be sealed forever. 
I love you all,
Elder Garbett
 Marina DΓ­az's Baptism

The Amatos have arrived

July 3, 2017

Well this week was super exciting. I´ll start with the Basics:

1. Well as the title implies President Amato and his family arrived this last week. We had a multi zone conference and president and his family each bore their testimonies to us in Spanish. President and Hermana Amato have four kids. Three girls and one boy. Both President and Hermana Amato know English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Their children only know English and a little bit of Spanish. But with time they will learn. But I am super excited to learn from President Amato. (the Assistants took a picture but they haven´t sent it to me yet. If they do I will send it to you)

2. Well we had a baptism this week. His name is Luis Cartulin. and well he is probably my favorite baptism so far in the mission. It was kinda funny because he was a reference from an activity we did about 2 months ago and when I called him I heard this deep voice from the other side of the line that pretty much scared me. But now he is probably one of the most faithful investigators and I can just tell that he will make it to the temple and will be sealed. 

Well this week was pretty good. Now that Luis is baptized we have to start looking for more people to teach and continue teaching the ones that we have already found.,which by the way we most likely are going to have another baptism this week. Truly the Lord´s work is moving and I´m still going strong in it. The mission truly is wonderful,
Love you all so much,
Elder Garbett
 Luis Cartulin's Baptism

President and Hermana Amato and their family

English Teacher, wing man, pizza eater. what can I say, I´m a missionary

June 26, 2017

Well this week was super awesome. Let´s start with everything that happened:

1. Well This week I had my first English class in the Zone. Really I am in charge of watching over all of the Latino´s progress in English. What we did is we memorized a scripture from the Book of Mormon (second half of Moroni 8:16) (repeat! Second half!) and then I made a challenge with the entire Zone: everyone will read the B.O.M and if anyone can read more than me in this transfer I will buy them something. Now not only do I have a class to teach, but I need to read to keep my money for myself. πŸ˜†

2. Our papito made us these pizza things this week. Really what he did was he took a bunch of rice mixed it with eggs and something else and cooked it in a pan and placed some meat slices on top. It was a rice pizza and it was super amazing. 

3. We had a final meeting with President Boswell. Really we learned tons from him in this final meeting but what he needed to say he said and then in the end he gave his final testimony to all of us. Not everyone´s eyes were wet by the end of his testimony but as most of you know I get super emotional in these types of situations and, well you know how the story ends with me. But we all got to take photos with him and Hermana Boswell. I´ll make sure to send it to you all. 

4. One of our Investigators Finally got married! They actually did it today and that is how we spent our P-day. Truly it was supposed to be a District P-Day but Who cares! They got married and he is going to get Baptized this Saturday! Also afterwards we went to a restaurant (Longhorns!). It´s been such a long time since I have had anything american in a while and it was super amazing!!!!

Well this week was Jam packed! We had the Multi-Zone and the marriage and we found tons of people this week and they all have baptism dates! Truly the work is going super smooth here in my Ward. Really it is one of the richest parts in our  mission and usually when there is more money than dirt in an area there isn't much success. But that is not stopping Elder Garbett and Elder Valle. Truly that does not matter in an area. There are always people ready to hear the gospel. You just need to open your mouth and the blessings will flow from them. One of the things that President Boswell put in his PowerPoint was a picture of a new group and it looked like they were in prison and the title said estamos en el carcel (we are in jail). What was funny was that it was my group´s picture that he chose to put up there. One of the problems, he says, is that some missionaries feel like they are in prison. Like there are so many rules that we can´t do anything. But he said that the rules are there to protect us and that when we work we will feel a joy and know that this is the work and that is why we are here. And it is super true. Now I won´t say that I have felt like I am in a prison but I truly have felt the joy here in the mission. And I receive it when I see my investigators do the right thing. Pray, Read, and Attend church. Truly this is the Lord´s work and in this is my Joy.
I miss you all tons but love you more,
Elder Garbett
Rice pizza

Goodbye President and Hermana Boswell!!

They're married! (and a trip to Long Horns)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy Father`s day!!!!!!!

June 19, 2017

Alright this week was pretty kool. Let`s start with the fun stuff:

1. Our papito and Mamita went to iquitos this week for two days. So that meant 2 things - one we were on our own for lunch and dinner and two that we had to watch their dog Pegaso. Pegaso is almost one years old and he is really connected with papito. So, like a baby, he cried (more like howled) every single night and let me tell you that those were the worst nights I have ever had. Let me just say I am glad that papito came back. 

2. Well this Sunday was pretty bad for our investigators because it was Father`s Day. We only had two investigators show up for Sacrament meeting and right after that they left and well there was literally nobody in our class during the second hour. The picture explains a lot.

This last transfer before Elder Enamorado died (missionary term for when a missionary finishes his mission) he gave me a talk. Pretty much it talks about 4 different types of missionaries. But the thing that only one type of the 4 are changed from the mission. and well that is the fourth missionary. I have been thinking tons about this talk and well right now I can tell that I am in between 3 and 4. Really the only difference between the third and the fourth is that the fourth missionary puts his whole heart and mind into the work. If that is what it takes that is what I will do. Also Happy Father`s day!!!!!!! 

Love you all tons,
Elder Garbett

Empezamos el cambio de nueve semanas

June 12, 2017

Well this week was pretty good. Let´s start with some short stuff:

1. We had a weekly planning session this week but for this week we had it in our zone. But it was more like we had breakfast together, did the planning in our companionship's and then did a zone inventory at the end. I´ll just say that it was interesting but I will also say that I hope we don´t do that again. Personally I´ll say that I thought it was a waste of time. 

2. One of our zone leaders finished his mission this week. SO everything that we did together as a Zone was pretty emotional for him. But in our Zone inventory he asked me to play my ´´famous´´ version of Secrets by One Republic. But this time I sang it which he never heard before and by the end of the song he was crying. There are power in these vocal cords! 

3. We had a baptism this week. His name is AndrΓ©, he is 9 years old and he has a personality.😜 He is super awesome and really from his first prayer we knew that he would be baptized. As he said ´´... and please heavenly father, bless me that I may become a mormon.´´ super funny but he was super happy that he could actually take this step in his life. But he kinda wore me out. Every single time we went to teach him he asked me for a magic trick each time. Sometimes I made it up as I went but somehow I did it. 

4. This morning we climbed the giant hill in our area with the abandoned house. It was super awesome. It took us about an hour and a half to climb it and about 5 minutes to go down. 

Well we received the transfers yesterday and I am going to stay here in my area for another 9 weeks. This transfer is 9 weeks because on the 30th of this month our new president, President Amato, will come and our other president, President Boswell, will return home. Really I am excited to continue the work here in Santa Patricia. I have learned tons and I am going to work hard to make sure that we find the people that the Lord is preparing. 

I miss you all tons,
Elder Garbett

all of the three weeks (part 1)

 Lo siento but each week I forgot to send the pictures so here is every single picture of these last three weeks.