Monday, February 5, 2018

Week one of the transfers

February 3, 2018

Wow. this week was super tough. There was a lot of work to do:

1. Well we had around 10 missionaries come into the field today. Everything was going great until I had to go down to the doctor for a missionary with feet problems and I forgot to take all of the blankets and pillows down to the church. Because I forgot about that I had to make sure that all of the new missionaries had their stuff before 10:30 at night (when I got back to start I had like 3 hours to get it done). I don´t know how I did it but all of the stuff got out to all of the missionaries in their areas.

2. So recently I have gotten all of the office organized and some-what clean. But now I have been working with Hermana Amato and her kids and we have really been cracking down on this office. Now we just need to get all the supplies in here and figure out where they could go in an organized manner.

3. Yesterday was really tough though. So there are some supplies that the mission needs that you can't get from the church (ex. blankets, termas, office supplies, etc.) and so we had to go down to a place where we could find all of that. Just to like explain what it is, it is pretty much an outdoor market place but super unorganized and no where to park. Meaning that everything that we bought, we had to carry. We were there for like 5 hours trying to carry 50 bed covers, 50 pillows, and back packs full of USBs and stuff like that. Eventually president showed up to help us but because they were going to charge him almost 100 soles to park we decided to load everything we had in his car and my companion and I would continue shopping. It was a long day.

Well being the first week of the transfer and the beginning of a month things were super crazy. All of our appointments were cancelled due to emergencies that were going on. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ But one amazing thing that happened was that when all of the new missionaries come out of the CCM to go into their mission, the CCM president and wife come out to make sure that everything goes smoothly. SO that meant that I got to see President and Sister Ellsworth from my ward back in Arizona! WOW! That was super amazing to see them again and even though it was like 2 minutes, it was amazing. Just something I thought was the best part of my week.

Miss you tons,
Elder Garbett

CCM again

Jan. 27, 2018

Last week of the transfer past:

1. We had the richest man in Peru come to our mission to talk to us about being successful. Only those who go home in 6 month or before were allowed to go but because we had to help set up and everything the office was allowed to go. It was super eye opening. He taught us a way on how we could be successful in anything that we do. It was super, super cool!

2. Well this week was the last week of the transfer and unfortunately for us it landed on the end of the month. So all of this week we were going and going and going. I had to go out and buy stuff for the office, meetings to go to, meetings to set up, meetings to set down. But for some reason it all fell through exactly how we planned it so that was good. 

So I know I talk a lot about how I am here in the office and that I am always just going and going. But this week we had a very interesting lesson. So last week you all know how I was talking about the lady in the CCM? Well we went back and gave the lesson with her right there on the CCM grounds. In the beginning of the lesson Lia (the investigator) told us that she always noticed (being the manager of the lunch room) that everyone there was happy and that she wanted to know how she could be happy like that, BUT she also said that she did not want to be baptized (SHOOT). But in my mind (and probably Elder Dahl´s mind) we were going to leave the lesson with her accepting a baptismal date. And in the end she did end up accepting. I mean on the CCM grounds you always feel good. There is just that presence of something different (the holy ghost). But during that lesson Lia felt that spirit that we brought there. 

Love you all,
Elder Garbett

Week of the conferences

Jan 20, 2018

This week ended up being pretty busy. We had Multi-zone conferences and because President Godoy told us to, they ended up being three different days and so we had to run:

1. The first day was probably the worst. That morning our terma (the water heating system) broke down and took out all of our electricity in our room. So we ended up not having electricity during the entire week until last night, so that was tough. Also an hour before everything was going to start, President and the assistants started to call me asking me where the mission's projector was. Apparently they lost it and it was my job to find another way for them to do their presentations. But by pushing the meeting back a half hour, breaking into some stake offices, and trying to learn how to use a hanging projector that was 20 feet above my head, I eventually solved the problem and after the meeting found the mission's projector in the assistant's room. ๐Ÿ˜‘ 

2. Well the second day went a bit smoother but as the operations secretary I need to go out and buy break (some juice, cookies, and fruit) for everybody in the conferences. So I went out and like normal bought a little more than enough for the three zones that were coming. I ended up getting back and I set up enough for one zone because we always split up by zones and it makes things easier. Well President decided to do something new that day and told everybody that they all were going to do it at the same time. So I was waiting there and my companion comes running down the hall to tell me that the entire zombie apocalypse was coming and that we had to do it all super fast. In the meantime while everyone was coming in I thought "how strange. It looks like there is a lot more people here than three zones." Little did I realize that the plans were changed and four zones ended up coming to the meeting that day and I didn't have enough break for everyone. Luckily no one noticed. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Well this week was pretty busy. I didn't think that I was going to have something spiritual or missionary like to tell you all this week but it turns out that something happened from yesterday in the middle of all of our rush. So we received a call from the MTC saying that one of our zones leaders at the conference had a package for us to deliver to the MTC. So being the package man in the mission, it was my responsibility to take it there. So we went there and dropped off the package and the front desk man asked who was the referral secretary. Being me he wanted to give us some referrals for us to contact. One was for one of my last areaa I was in and the other was for us. Lia (the investigator) works at the MTC in the lunch room. And right before President and Sister Moore went back home they invited her to listen to the missionaries. She said yes and wants us to visit her right in the MTC. We were able to take that chance and go down to the lunch room in that moment and take out an appointment to visit with her and we are going to visit her this next Monday. Truly the Lord has been blessing us with miracles. By what I have seen here in the office is that as you work hard to keep up with all of your responsibilities the Lord will bless you with success. 

I love you all tons,
Elder Garbett

Saturday, January 13, 2018

New year, New office

January 13, 2018

Well this mass email is going to be a bit short. I am going to send a video showing you all what I pretty much ended up doing the entire week with some pictures. I hope you all enjoy it.

But this week we actually had a lesson with some progressing investigators. Here in the office It is tough to find people who will actually progress and so when you do find someone who will you don´t want to mess up or bring anything new into your lesson. Well my companion and I decided to try a new tactic in our lessons. President Amato has been telling us that we need to help investigators realize that they can feel the spirit that we bring into their home, by reading the Book of Mormon. So we decided to break the norm and just teach lesson one right out of the Book of Mormon and not use the lesson pamphlet. A COMPLETELY new tactic. Of course it went a little rough and in the end we decided that we needed to improve it a little more, but we both agreed that it was one of the most spiritual lessons that we have ever given in our missions. I think that the thing that I took the most out of that lesson was that the Book of Mormon really is one of the main tools that God uses to send his spirit to touch the hearts of man. Like Joseph Smith said ´´a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts...´´ I truly testify of these things. Inside of that book we can find his spirit and feel it daily if we read it.

Miss you tons,
Elder Garbett

p.s we had emergency transfers and all of the last secretaries and assistants that President Boswell had called into the office left this week. Now we have a new generation in the office.
A New Generation

So it wouldn't fit in the last email but here is pretty much what I did in the office all week. I am super proud about it. and the pictures are some before pictures and I pretty much did an after video. 

Sin Libros...... otra vez

January 6, 2018

And so ends the first week of 2018. Let us begin:

1. So this last Monday, being the first of 2018, there was really nobody out in the streets. So we ended up walking to the office and when we got there we started to get to work preparing for president and the missionaries to show up to the office. After about an hour of working we all received a text from president saying that he wasn't going to show up and so we continued working and none of the other missionaries showed up because nobody was doing taxi. So pretty much Perรบ was like a dead zone because there was nobody in the streets.

2. Tuesday we had a 2 week training for all of the new missionaries that came into the mission this month and for every single 2 week training I have to give a training about the referral system. Something that I think that I have learned in doing the training every single time is that afterwards I always think that there is something that I could change about it. So I was looking at it afterwards from the original that was in the office when I showed up. When I showed up the training was about a 15 minute training. After all of my adjustments to it the training has become a 25 minute training. So I think that eventually after I leave the training might be a 40 minute training. 

So this week has been pretty alright. I mean not a lot has happened but everything is going pretty good. We were talking to president today and apparently there are going to be some changes coming up this week so I think that it will be getting a little bit crazy. 

love you all,
Elder Garbett

Feliz Navidad!!!!

December 30, 2017

Well this week was pretty calm here in the office:

1. So this last Sunday was Christmas eve and so that meant everyone stayed up (didn't eat dinner) and waited until midnight to let all of the fireworks off. I will say that it wasn't as exciting as my last Christmas but it was probably because we were in a rich area and we have a lot of big buildings around us. ๐Ÿ˜•
2. Christmas day came around and we didn't have our office meeting with president. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (Go figure) But instead we actually got to spend some time with our actual zone. It was pretty kool but the breakfast got delayed until the afternoon so we ate this breakfast-lunch thing and then lunch literally right after that. So then in that moment I am with the assistants and they wanted to go visit some members. We show up super full and the lady asked us (in order) if we wanted cake, masamora, or paneton. We were literally full in that moment and so we told her we couldn't but while we were giving a spiritual thought she got up and came back with some cake. Right after we all ate that she got up and came back with some of that masamora stuff. So in that moment we knew that once we would finish that she would bring us paneton. So we finished the message we had and we deliberately didn't finish the masamora until we were about to leave. After that we decided to go to the office because we knew if we visited sombody else they would give us more food. And if we ate anything else...........๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Well pretty much besides those things not much happened in between the week. But yesterday we celebrated two birthdays. One was for Elder Yaรฑez, the finance secretary and the other was for President Amato´s daughter Alice who turned 8. And so yesterday to celebrate her birthday she was baptized and we were able to attend it. It was kind of interesting because the ceremony was trilingual. there was English, Spanish, and Portuguese. But pretty much most of it was in Portuguese and even though it was like that and I understood about 75% of the meeting you could feel the spirit super strongly in there. Probably the best part of my week was going to that.

miss you all,
Elder Garbett

another begining (transfers!)

December 23, 2017

So this week was a pretty normal week in the office (which is still pretty crazy):

1. So we received a good amount of new missionaries from the CCM this last Tuesday after sending off a really good group back home. It was kinda sad to see some of those missionaries go because of all of the good times that we have had together being leaders and everything but this new group that came in is going to be a really good group. 

2. So this last Sunday Elder Stoliker wanted to do some sort of musical number during sacrament meeting and so on Saturday night he confirms the thing and we have literally nothing planned besides that we are going to sing something. So he decides that we should do something with Hark the Herald angels sing. And with all of our musical knowledge we come up with something on the spot. Apparently it turned out really good and everybody loved it. I am going to send the video we took afterwards. I hope that you guys love it. 

3. So yesterday was pretty hectic. So being the operations secretary I am in charge of all of the packages that come in and out. So that means that I have to go and pick up the really big packages from the office. Being the week before Christmas I decided to save everything until yesterday to go and pick up so that I can pick up the majority of the packages that are coming in before Christmas. I show up there thinking that I am going to end up picking up like 5 packages that are a pretty good size. Turns out that I was picking up 8 packages that were bigger than normal. It must have been pretty weird to see two gringos walking out of a mailing office with some packages that are probably double their size. 

So, for being a pretty hectic week I am very surprised that I got some study time in. And being the Christmas season I decided to study about the life of Jesus Christ. And during this time I watched all of the Bible videos from the birth of him to when he was crucified. In all of these videos there was one in particular that caught my attention. The title of it is "To this end was I born." Truly he did come to save his people. During his entire mortal ministry He took no thought of himself. He came to teach us, to guide us, to love us, to die for us. This week we have the opportunity to remember the time he came to begin his mortal ministry. Let us remember him this Christmas and to celebrate the time that he came to end up doing all that he did so that we may not be lost. 

Merry Christmas!
Elder Garbett​