Wednesday, November 2, 2016

First Week Report

November 2, 2016

Hey Guys!!

So this week was very long but also very short at the same time. There are so many missionaries out here that are from Arizona. I feel like Our district is the best out here. 

So we got here in Lima at around 12 and we didn't make it  to the CCM until about 2am and didn't go to sleep until around 330am. My bags didn't come in but I have been surviving on what I brought as my carry on and what Hermana Moore has been able to provide for me. I was pretty discouraged one day about my bags but the Lord decided to send a soccer ball my way and let´s just say it wasn't a fun experience. I have prayed so much about my bags and I am confident that the Lord will make everything well. 

Every day till about noon the sky is just overcast and then it feels like the evening in Phoenix. Muy Bueno. 

The food here is amazing! I haven´t been able to finish all my food every single time but I wish I could. Sorry Elder Sprague but we are able to have one thing of ice cream after every meal for lunch and dinner. I have probably gained like 10 pounds just off of the ice cream.

The real thing we fight for is mantequilla (butter). Butter is life over here. The Ladies in the cafeteria always have little things of pan out every meal and they are never good without butter but with a little butter they are to die for. But there´s one catch, butter is only served for breakfast and we can´t take anything out of the cafeteria. So we decided that during breakfast we'd take as much mantequilla as we can without looking suspicious and hide them in the napkin holders and under the tables. 

The classes here are pretty difficult but I think I have picked up more spanish in the week I've been here than I did the 4 and a half years of school. Everybody tries to talk to you in Spanish until you can´t hold a conversation and then the go to English. I can understand when somebody is talking to me but my mind is super slow when it comes to talking. 

It seems like almost everyone here can play the piano and so I haven´t really been asked to do anything yet. I do have a musical number but it isn't for a couple of weeks. I've been kinda depressed because I feel like I haven´t been used a lot and I haven´t received a calling yet (besides being an ambassador to the Lord). 

I´m having fun here and I really hope that I can hear from you guys and how your lives are going. Two years are going to fly.

Elder Garbett
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