Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Time is here!!!!

December 19, 2016

This week was pretty good. Here are some of my highlights:

1. I actually got sick this week with a fever but I was still able to climb a hill and give a pretty good lesson in Spanish.
2. The teacher this week for second hour in church wasn't there so Elder Salazar and I had to teach for an hour on the Law of Chastity. That was great. -_-
3. Bishop had me get up during sacrament meeting and introduce myself and give a little spiritual thought. I introduced myself but I forgot about the thought. 
4. When Elder Salazar asked a family who they wanted to pray, one of the little kids said "el Gringo" immediately.
5. We told one of the returned missionaries in our ward about the last story and now whenever we have him come with us he always calls me Gringo. 

So as you can all tell this week a lot of people started to point out my gring-osity. I´m not too worried about it though because we got three lessons in this week because someone came up to us and started to ask me about where I'm from and then I would tell them I'm from Arizona and they would ask me why did I come to Peru if I lived in the States before. You can all guess how the conversation went from there.
We had a lot of stake activities this week too since la Navidad is coming up. In each Activity our zone has prepared a song that we would sing in English. Every single time we got up and sang everyone was quiet and was recording us. Probably most of them couldn't understand us but that spirit was always there and everyone could feel it.
It doesn't matter what language you speak because everyone can speak one language that is the same and that´s the spirit. The spirit always will testify to someone no matter what they hear. 
I love hearing from everyone of you and I hope that tienen un Feliz Navidad!!!!!
Elder Garbett
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