Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Semana tres

February 7, 2017

Wow. This week went by so fast. Let me go low and slow with my highlights first:

1. Last week for family home evening we played this game that when someone calls out your assigned fruit name you have to run to a different chair right? Well near the end everyone was trying to get me because I was too quick for them. Well apparently I was too quick and I broke a chair and fell onto the door and cracked the glass. Everyone was laughing and the head of the house was totally fine with it. (phew) My next plan on the list is to buy them a new chair. Super embarrassing by the way. 
2. So they changed our P-day schedule this week because we went to the temple today! Oh man let me tell you, that was such a battery charger. I feel so pumped up (and a little hot right now) to go out and preach some more.
3. I started to play piano for sacrament meeting this week. and ever since then the church music director of the ward has been trying to teach everyone the basics of how to read music. Ok she knows how to read the music really good but the problem is she doesn't know the terminology! She says that a half note is held out longer than the quarter note but how she explains it is that the black note is held out by daaa. and the white note is held out daaaaAAAAaaaa. So freaking annoying!

All in all this week has been absolutely amazing. With the new world wide schedule change we have more time to preach, more agency to choose how to work out our schedule, and bigger goals such as two baptisms per cambio, which is kinda tough. But I think that the miracle this week was that we started to visit this one investigator who wants to be baptized but because she's living with her husband (and they're not married) she can´t be baptized. And her husband doesn't want anything to do with our message so we teach her. But the last time we visited her she told us that right our of the blue her husband said that he wanted to actually be married. So that means that she will actually be baptized after she gets married which will be on the 24 (but to us that's not really important) But she is planning on getting baptized on the 25th!!!!!!!!!! Elder Salazar and I are sooooo excited!!!!!!!! This Cambio is sooooo great!
I miss you guys and love you all tons!!
Elder Garbett
Silly Rowan

 Elder Farnsworth

Temple trip