Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Semana 4 del Cambio

February 13, 2017

Well this week was pretty good. Let me start with my highlights:

1. Recently I bought some actual bread (like the loaf) and I made this breakfast where I made a hole in the middle of the slice and cracked an egg inside of it while it was in the pan. I've seen my dad do this a couple of times so I thought why not. Well after some attempts (and some yoke on my pants) I ended up making a pretty good breakfast.
2. Well ever since the first week of this cambio I have been playing the piano for sacrament meeting this week the ward music chair leader gave me 3 liters of coke. Since I don´t drink caffeine my roommates enjoyed it after church.
3. We (elder Salazar and I) climbed the tallest hill in our area which had a cross on the top. The hill was super steep and Elder Salazar doesn't have very much experience hiking. So for almost the entire climb I was tutoring him so that he knew where to step. He was worried about falling the entire time and he never fell at all. But what was funny was that right before the stairs that led down the hill and it was safe (and i mean literally right before) I slipped on a rock and fell straight down on my butt. After that it took me 5 minutes to get Elder Salazar to walk the last few feet to the stairs. 

All in all this week was pretty good. I had my ups and my downs. But this week was the week that a lot of people found out that I don´t drink caffeine and the problem is that a lot of the most popular drinks here have caffeine. Now I know it doesn't say in the word of wisdom that we can´t drink caffeine. But through science we have found out that it is addictive and it doesn't end up being very good for our bodies in the end. For this reason this is why I don´t drink anything that has it. In this church there is no such thing as good and bad, there is only good and better. Entonces necesitamos encontrar que es bueno y que es mejor. Y en este situación, encontré que yo pienso es mejor. (well we need to find what is good and what is best, and in this situation I have found what I think is the better). 
I miss you all so much and love you tons,
Elder Garbett