Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Un día mas!!!!

February 20, 2017

Well this week was...... interesting. (in a good way if you were wondering) Here are some of my Highlights:

1. We had this weird stuff for lunch one day. It`s called quinoa and yeah it looks like super tiny fish eggs with this weird steamy stuff in it. It tasted alright but the texture was Absolutely Horrible. I was able to down it and kept working that day. Well the next day I didn't eat breakfast and we went and ate rice and meat. Well let`s just say I didn't end up keeping that down and then we found out that it was because of the quinoa and so now I don`t have to eat that stuff anymore (*Fist pump*) . 
2. I received a package from Sister Ganem this week (thanks a ton!) and in it was a bunch of letters from the young women which was awesome! But I think that the highlight in it was the "Green eggs and Ham" book inside from the Bishopric(which I guess was changed recently) But inside they changed it from "Sam-I-am" to "Elder Garbett- I am." It was super Hilarious and I absolutely love it. A big shout out to the Old bishopric! I love you Guys!
3. I found out that Elder Salazar has prescription glasses and that he does not like to use them at all. So whenever he goes into a different room in our room (like the other elders study room or the bathroom) I pull up a chair open my scriptures to some random page and put on his glasses (like on the lower part of my nose so I don`t have to look through them) and just stare and wait for him to leave the room. Every single time he comes out he literally dies of laughter and falls on the floor. But hey, I look good in those glasses. 

Ok This week went by how it usually does (excepto que yo vomitè) But yesterday was especially different. We were walking to an appointment with one of our members and we received a call from a random number. Elder Salazar answered it and it was an old investigator from about six transfers ago. She said that she wanted to meet with us again and take the lessons. So we got a date and then hung up. Well about one minute later she called us back and said that she "forgot" (how could you forget something like this?!?!?!?) to tell us that she knows (key word: KNOW) that the Book of Mormon is true and that she wants us to baptize her and she gave us a date also! (when I heard that I had to ask Elder Salazar if I was actually understanding his Spanish and made him tell me in English also) Well we went and found her and had a meeting with her and we ended up setting her baptism date for the 25th. Just a literal mind blown! I have no idea why she just dropped into our lap and said baptize me but let me just say that she is one of the chosen ones that God has been preparing and she is ready to make these covenants with him. 
I love you guys and miss you tons,
Elder Garbett
I look good in these glasses don't I?