Monday, May 29, 2017

New transfer

May 22, 2017

Well this last week was pretty interesting. Let`s start with some interesting things:

1. We were invited to a class where one of the general authorities was teaching the lesson. He was talking about how we are supposed to do blessings and ordinances and while he was teaching it he would turn to us and ask us the how the certain prayer was to be said. Oh man am I glad that I use my study time wisely. 

2. We washed a dog this week and we washed him in the shower. With no lease or collar and he`s a huge dog. Bigger than mine back at home and my companion wanted to just control the water and shampoo. So guess who was stuck in the shower with the dog trying to keep him in the water. This guy. 

3. I had a talk this week where I got to choose my topic. So I decided to talk about charity. Well I had the opportunity to see the reaction on my companion`s face while I was the giving my talk. I will say that it didn't look very good and the more I talked the worse his face looked. At the end of the meeting we were talking and I asked him why he reacted like that. Well he told me that, that was exactly what the ward needed and that I burned them really bad. I wasn't really trying but I did. Score!

Well this transfer was really good. I won`t say it was perfect but it was really good and I think this transfer I learned tons. Especially about the language. I can practically speak fluently. Now I don`t know a lot of the words but I can get by. My companion is leaving and I am getting another companion for this next transfer of three weeks. President will be leaving at the end of this transfer and we will be receiving our new Brazilian president, President Amato. 
I miss you tons,
Elder Garbett
Goodbye Elder Martin