Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 1 of 3

May 29, 2017

Well this week was pretty interesting. Let`s start with the little's,

1. Well my new companion`s name is Elder Valle. He`s from Bolivia (my second boliviano). He has 14 months in the mission and he works hard so that is good.
2. My companion forgot his suit coat back in his old area so he went to church this week in a short sleeve shirt (face palm) and the entire time the members from the church kept asking him if he was cold or if he was just super hot. It was pretty funny.
3. The area where our house is called Villa Libertad and this week the entire area of Villa Libertad was celebrating some sort of Catholic holiday. I have no idea what it was (it`s probably some sort of Latino thing) so nobody wanted to talk to us this week and we had to avoid the giant crowd of Catholics. But I think the kool thing is that they burnt this giant stick thing a couple of days ago and in the end a little cross flew up in the sky like a fire work.

Well I had really high expectations for this week but we had an amazing miracle happen. So we were walking down the street where our house is at and we had to go inside so that my companion could use the bathroom. We were pretty disappointed because the three lessons that we had planned all fell through. But as we were entering our room I had an impression to go into our study room to look at our giant map. Well after some time I had another impression to watch a certain video. as I was watching it (el plan de salvation y la obra missional) I started to see our church building. after some more time I saw a house of one of our investigators. after that I saw a park that I had past by the last week with my old companion. After that I had the best feeling ever that we should go to that park and just contact. Well I was almost literally running to the park while my companion was dying trying to keep up. When we got there there was some people around and so we decided to start walking around contacting. We eventually found someone who we taught right then and there in the park. this experience really reinforced my testimony that this is the lord`s work and that he knows each and every one of his sheep.

I miss you all tons and love you tons,
Elder Garbett