Wednesday, July 26, 2017

two of the three

June 5, 2017

Well this week was super amazing. vamos a empezar con algo:
1. Well we climbed to the highest part of our area this week. Well the highest that we could go during proselyting hours. (we were working at the same time if you had any doubts) and well it is a little catholic church but we can`t take pictures of that so we avoided it. But at the top of the hill behind me (in the pics) is a little abandonded house. we have plans this week to go up and visit it early in the morning.
2. Speaking of the morning Elder Valle and I started to go ´´running´´ in the morning. Well it`s more like I am running and he is riding a bike. I don`t know how I can do it but I will see if I can take a picture.
3. So the title for the person that feeds us everyday is our pension. and sometimes the missionaries call the woman mamita and the man, papito. Well this is the first time that I have ever called my pension and her husband mammita and papito. But the other day papito was sleeping and when we asked mamita where he was she said ´your papito is sleeping in his room.´ and it was just super wierd because for that moment I had those feeling that he was like litterally my papito. My feelings were more like this. 😦😦😦😦😦😦
Well this week was super awesome. We found so many people this week and it was practically a miracle that we found them. Every day we set goals for how many people that we will find and how many lessons we will have. Well I tried to do something different this week. When we placed the goal for how many people we would find I always said to myself that we were going to find them. One day we had to find 4 new people. Almost every day more than half of our lessons fell through but instead of being disappointed, I decided that we would still find them and I truly saw the fruits of doing so. We actually made more than what the excellence goals are. It really goes to show that once you put your mind to doing the things that you want you will recieve what you put into it.
I love you all tons,
Elder Garbett