Monday, May 29, 2017

This week.....

May 8, 2017

Well this week went by really well.

1. Well first off I went on splits with another gringo in my zone. It seemed a bit odd to be with an american speaking English but it was soooo amazing. Also his pension´s daughter was opening her mission call that night so I got the opportunity to see her open it. We went around and guessed where she would go. I literally thought temple square but when my companion said that Trump is making it difficult to have people go into the states I changed it to Chile. But when she opened it, it turns out that she is going to temple square. Just goes to show you need to listen to the spirit all the time. 😜
2. We had a baptism this week. His name is Jair and the first thing that I saw (which I'm not sure if you can all see) was his little cross on his forehead. Sometimes President tells us that the escogidos have a big "E" in their foreheads but I think that this was a little different. But after his baptism you could feel the spirit so strongly. So strongly because he was trying to hold back his tears of joy. 

Well all in all this week went by really good. It started to get into the cold season but that isn't stopping our progress. Our ward mission leader found a friend from work and we finally had a lesson with them this week. We showed up to their apartment which was on the 19 floor (I was trying so hard not to look out the window because I would start to get a little sick) and they just started to ask us questions. What exactly do you do exactly? What´s the difference between your little churches and the big ones (temples)? What´s the true story of Joseph Smith? Well we answered all of their questions, including the word of wisdom (uh-oh) and then invited them to come to church the next day. They accepted and actually showed up. They felt the spirit so strongly that they want to listen to us even more. I know that this church is true and that when people are ready and prepared to listen to the spirit he will reveal the truth of all things.
I love you all,
Elder Garbett
Jair's Baptism

Rowan's video Clip of the Week