Thursday, July 27, 2017

It's Elder Garbett Time!!!

July 17, 2017

Alright. It´s Elder Garbett time!!!!!!!

1. Well we have been preparing for a special Zone Conference with our new Mission President. It includes the interviews, some thoughts from him and his wife, and a lunch. But besides all of that I am in charge of a special musical number that the entire Zone is going to sing to them. And, well, because I am a gringo we are going to sing in English. The meeting is tomorrow so I will send a video of that next week. 

2. Well we went on splits this week and this time my companion stayed in the area. And when you leave a Latino in the area for a day things don´t go well. For example this time he decided to plan a lesson that was on one side of the area at 6 and then plan another one on the other side of the area at 7 and it is around this time that the traffic is absolutely horrible. So when I found this out we had just left the lesson that was at 6. So during this time we were in a taxi frantically worrying that we would be super late and so when we were about 6 blocks away (and six blocks here are huge) we decided to run for it and as we left the taxi I apparently left my Book of Mormon case in there. And it included all of my important papers and my beloved agenda. so we can just say that I am super sad about that. πŸ˜•

3. Today was a P-day of companions. And so just like any other good companionship who knows each other, we slept. But besides the sleeping (which we comfortably enjoyed) we decided to go out to eat lunch today. But today was a bit different than normal because we went to McDonald's. I´ll just say, P-day Well spent!😁😁😁

Well overall this week was absolutely amazing. I continue to see the works of God every day in little and in big things. For example the Hermana that we recently baptized has had a major change in her home. Before her husband wanted nothing with us. Her children fought all the time and her 17 year old daughter was super rebellious. But all of that began to change this week. Her husband is beginning to pray. Her children still fight but now she can deal with it and calmly change the situation and now her daughter is beginning to humble herself and their relationship is beginning to become better. Really as we stay firm in the gospel and do the things that the Lord asks of us he begins to help us have the desires of our hearts. In this example Hermana Marina is beginning to see that there is actually a chance that she could have this eternal family that we always continue to promise her.
I miss you tons and love you lots,
Elder Garbett