Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Era of the Amatos

July 24, 2017

This week was pretty exciting. Let´s start with these:

1. Well I´ll start with the "bad" but super spiritual part. One day we (my companion and I) were walking down a pretty busy street and I had this impression, which I thought was just a random thought, that I should walk a little bit slower so I did what I thought and I slowed down. About 5 minutes later a car drove by us and hit a rock that was in the road about 30 ft in front of us and so with all the speed that the car had, the rock went flying by right in front of me. After that we examined the rock and it was about the size of a golf ball (maybe a bit smaller). Super strong testimony builder that the Lord watches over his missionaries. And we also started to avoid busy streets like that and if we had to walk down a busy street we would fight on who would be the one closest to the street. 😁😁

2. Ok this last Thursday our beloved house lord (like land lord, but for a house) died at 12:46 in the night. His name was Victor Baigorria. On that morning we received the call that he died and that we needed to be in the church early so that the viewing could be done in the church building. And because we were the only ones who had time and keys to the building we had to be there the three days and pass by every so often. Really it was a sad time but it is so great to have the gospel in our lives because we know that death isn't the end but it is just a step in this great plan of happiness. 

3. Well I guess you are all wondering what special musical number we did for our new president. Well we did the EFY medly and I played the piano. It was super amazing and it is super true that when you prepare something like that the choir of angels sing with the choir. My expectations of all of my Latinos were destroyed by their performance. They truly rocked the roof with their English and I am super proud of them. 

Well I guess I would say that the highlight this week was the multizone that we had with President and Hermana Amato. We also had the opportunity to meet their children also. But what was super kool was what we learned. Before he left President Boswell taught us about positive attitude and always searching. Now President Amato is teaching us to search specifically to find the Escogidos (the Elect). The purpose as missionaries now is to find the Elect because the Elect hear the gospel and do not harden their hearts. Which eventually brought up the question "what about the other people who are not Escogidos?" Well he told us that the people who aren't Escogidos will have their opportunity during the millennial after Christ comes to the Earth. This is the great plan of the Father to give everyone the opportunity to hear and accept his gospel because he loves each and every one of us. He knows each of us personally and wants the best for us and it´s by this gospel we can receive all of these blessings.
I miss you all tons,
Elder Garbett