Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Amatos have arrived

July 3, 2017

Well this week was super exciting. I´ll start with the Basics:

1. Well as the title implies President Amato and his family arrived this last week. We had a multi zone conference and president and his family each bore their testimonies to us in Spanish. President and Hermana Amato have four kids. Three girls and one boy. Both President and Hermana Amato know English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Their children only know English and a little bit of Spanish. But with time they will learn. But I am super excited to learn from President Amato. (the Assistants took a picture but they haven´t sent it to me yet. If they do I will send it to you)

2. Well we had a baptism this week. His name is Luis Cartulin. and well he is probably my favorite baptism so far in the mission. It was kinda funny because he was a reference from an activity we did about 2 months ago and when I called him I heard this deep voice from the other side of the line that pretty much scared me. But now he is probably one of the most faithful investigators and I can just tell that he will make it to the temple and will be sealed. 

Well this week was pretty good. Now that Luis is baptized we have to start looking for more people to teach and continue teaching the ones that we have already found.,which by the way we most likely are going to have another baptism this week. Truly the Lord´s work is moving and I´m still going strong in it. The mission truly is wonderful,
Love you all so much,
Elder Garbett
 Luis Cartulin's Baptism

President and Hermana Amato and their family