Thursday, July 27, 2017

English Teacher, wing man, pizza eater. what can I say, I´m a missionary

June 26, 2017

Well this week was super awesome. Let´s start with everything that happened:

1. Well This week I had my first English class in the Zone. Really I am in charge of watching over all of the Latino´s progress in English. What we did is we memorized a scripture from the Book of Mormon (second half of Moroni 8:16) (repeat! Second half!) and then I made a challenge with the entire Zone: everyone will read the B.O.M and if anyone can read more than me in this transfer I will buy them something. Now not only do I have a class to teach, but I need to read to keep my money for myself. 😆

2. Our papito made us these pizza things this week. Really what he did was he took a bunch of rice mixed it with eggs and something else and cooked it in a pan and placed some meat slices on top. It was a rice pizza and it was super amazing. 

3. We had a final meeting with President Boswell. Really we learned tons from him in this final meeting but what he needed to say he said and then in the end he gave his final testimony to all of us. Not everyone´s eyes were wet by the end of his testimony but as most of you know I get super emotional in these types of situations and, well you know how the story ends with me. But we all got to take photos with him and Hermana Boswell. I´ll make sure to send it to you all. 

4. One of our Investigators Finally got married! They actually did it today and that is how we spent our P-day. Truly it was supposed to be a District P-Day but Who cares! They got married and he is going to get Baptized this Saturday! Also afterwards we went to a restaurant (Longhorns!). It´s been such a long time since I have had anything american in a while and it was super amazing!!!!

Well this week was Jam packed! We had the Multi-Zone and the marriage and we found tons of people this week and they all have baptism dates! Truly the work is going super smooth here in my Ward. Really it is one of the richest parts in our  mission and usually when there is more money than dirt in an area there isn't much success. But that is not stopping Elder Garbett and Elder Valle. Truly that does not matter in an area. There are always people ready to hear the gospel. You just need to open your mouth and the blessings will flow from them. One of the things that President Boswell put in his PowerPoint was a picture of a new group and it looked like they were in prison and the title said estamos en el carcel (we are in jail). What was funny was that it was my group´s picture that he chose to put up there. One of the problems, he says, is that some missionaries feel like they are in prison. Like there are so many rules that we can´t do anything. But he said that the rules are there to protect us and that when we work we will feel a joy and know that this is the work and that is why we are here. And it is super true. Now I won´t say that I have felt like I am in a prison but I truly have felt the joy here in the mission. And I receive it when I see my investigators do the right thing. Pray, Read, and Attend church. Truly this is the Lord´s work and in this is my Joy.
I miss you all tons but love you more,
Elder Garbett
Rice pizza

Goodbye President and Hermana Boswell!!

They're married! (and a trip to Long Horns)