Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy Father`s day!!!!!!!

June 19, 2017

Alright this week was pretty kool. Let`s start with the fun stuff:

1. Our papito and Mamita went to iquitos this week for two days. So that meant 2 things - one we were on our own for lunch and dinner and two that we had to watch their dog Pegaso. Pegaso is almost one years old and he is really connected with papito. So, like a baby, he cried (more like howled) every single night and let me tell you that those were the worst nights I have ever had. Let me just say I am glad that papito came back. 

2. Well this Sunday was pretty bad for our investigators because it was Father`s Day. We only had two investigators show up for Sacrament meeting and right after that they left and well there was literally nobody in our class during the second hour. The picture explains a lot.

This last transfer before Elder Enamorado died (missionary term for when a missionary finishes his mission) he gave me a talk. Pretty much it talks about 4 different types of missionaries. But the thing that only one type of the 4 are changed from the mission. and well that is the fourth missionary. I have been thinking tons about this talk and well right now I can tell that I am in between 3 and 4. Really the only difference between the third and the fourth is that the fourth missionary puts his whole heart and mind into the work. If that is what it takes that is what I will do. Also Happy Father`s day!!!!!!! 

Love you all tons,
Elder Garbett