Monday, January 16, 2017


January 9, 2017

Man was this week great. Here are some of the great. (and maybe not so great) ;p  :

1. This week Elder Salazar and I planned to cook some pancakes. What we ended up doing was frying some pancakes. It was still super good and I can´t believe we actually did it. 
2. One of my roommates who can barely speak or understand any English has recently been arguing with my companion about the rules. Elder Salazar is our district leader and this other missionary has 20 months in the mission. They have been doing this a lot lately and one night I couldn't take it anymore. All I asked him (in English) was how come I had 2 months in the mission and I knew the rules more than he did. After some weird looks and a bit of translation we have not had an argument in the room since. :D
3. Some of the missionaries in the CCM came to our area the other day and we got to show them some of the ropes and throw them into the deep end. Elder Salazar and I got paired with Elder Brinesby. All we really did was go contacting and find references for our zone leaders but I was really surprised and really glad that this Elder was picking it up so quickly. By the time we had 15 contacts this missionary could do at least half of the contact pretty well. I just really hope that I can be a trainer some time on my mission because I really loved doing that.
3. While I was teaching Rosa about eternal life we had a mini earthquake happen. I was sooo focused on teaching how eternal life means that we would be with God again and then she stopped me and said "eso es poderoso" (that´s powerful). I had no idea that an earth quake was going on so I thought she was talking about the spirit so I was like "heck yah! You can totally tell the spirit is here!" 

     Well this week was great but the Saturday and Sunday of this week was the best. This last weekend was the baptism of our investigator, Rosa. It was sooo amazing and what topped it off was that she wanted me to baptize her. So I had my first baptism this week and I did it in Spanish. Unfortunately her entire body didn't go under the water so I had to do it again. 
     The next day was just as great because when we showed up she was already there and she was actually wearing a white dress. This was a surprise because she usually shows up in jeans and a shirt. What really got to me was that she was wearing the young women´s necklace she received the night before. You would have never guessed that she was just baptized and was going to be confirmed a member that day. And just when we thought that it couldn't get better, we found out that there is a kid in our ward who hasn't been baptized yet who is 9 years old and his parents want us to baptize him! 
      Sometimes I wonder why I keep seeing miracles every day. I am nowhere close to being worthy to see them. Sometimes they are small like someone came to church for the first time, or sometimes they are huge like how this new baptism just dropped into our laps but every single time I think this I remember what my mission president told me when I asked him this question. He told me that since I am here out in the Lord´s work I am entitled to see these miracles. Entonces I know that while I am out here I can learn Spanish, I know I can deal with my roommates, and I can put up with the members when they cancel on us just because they don´t want to come with us and we have to drop a bunch of lessons that day, and I especially know that I can put up with those stupid cold showers!! Just little by little the Lord will help me and shape me into a sharp staff in his quiver. 
I love you all and miss you tons,
Elder Garbett
 Rosa's Baptism 

 Lima, Peru Temple


 Peruvian Beauty