Saturday, March 18, 2017

Week 2

March 13, 2017

Well I actually do have something to talk about this week so let´s get started:

1. Our pension had some of her cousins kids over one night. One is 3 years old and the other is 1. Well I was giving high fives to the 1 year old and I was on the couch. Well then I got distracted and start talking to my pension. Well he didn't like that so he started to smack my chest. Well I ignored him and so then he actually slapped me in the face. Well then everyone in the room was like "OHHHHHH" and the kid just lost it and started to cry hysterically in my chest. Because our rules state that we can´t really have contact like that with kids I was all like, what do I do with this kid because he was literally hanging on me. One half of me wanted to just hold him but the other half was trying to hold me back from doing it. So tough.
2. We had a ward mission night this last Thursday and.......... nobody showed up. LOL. The ward mission leader thought that I was super mad and was all like can I buy you a drink and I was all like what? No. I´m not mad. 

Well this week was a bit better. My companion literally thinks that I´m still a baby (mission talk for someone in their training) and that he "needs to fix his companion (me)". No way jose. But anyways I think that the highlight for me this week was that this pastor from this other church invited me and my companion over for some lunch. We basically talked and just got to get to know each others churches and what we do. But I think the best part is that when they found out that I had no experience with Spanish before my mission and that I only had 4 months here they were super surprised at my Spanish. They said it was really good. Afterwards I was doing the head bob thing and saying "that´s right! I can speak Spanish!"
I miss you all tons,
Elder Garbett
 Rowan and Elder Nunez (zone leader)
 Ruin in Rowan's area

 Video from Rowan (apologies for the blurriness in the beginning)