Friday, April 21, 2017

General Conference (1)

 April 3, 2017

Man this week was pretty cool let me start with these:

1. While we were in our room one night we saw one of our investigators (probably drunk) riding his bike around, blowing his whistle and chasing down motos. It was probably one of the most hilarious things that I saw all week. 
2. I got to see every single General Conference in English besides the Sunday morning session where two of our brand new investigators showed up that we didn't even think would show up. So awesome.
3. The session that I got to see in Spanish was super crazy. We barely made it to the session, sat down for like five minutes and we were told that one of our investigators showed up. Well we went to see him but it was the same guy that was chasing down the moto and guess what........ he was drunk. Sometimes I wonder why I understand Spanish because the conversations that the members were having with him were so weird. For example they told him that my companion was a general before his mission and the drunk stood up straight and asked Elder Pereira if he wanted him to do push ups. Well he got down and did like 20 so we spent the first half of the Sunday morning session trying to figure out what to do with him.

But all in all this week went by really well and I really enjoyed general conference. Before the mission all I really saw in general conference was that our leaders gave talks and every so often they would give us something new from God. It was never really that important to me but now ever since I have been teaching about prophet and his apostles almost everyday for the past 5 months (and no I am not trunky) the importance of a prophet has significantly grown on me. Ever since I heard that we were going to have general conference I had grown more and more excited and then when it came I took so many notes and thought so much of my investigators and how I can use the words of a living Prophet and direct my investigators onto the path that Jesus Christ established in his life for us. I miss you all tons and I can´t wait to hear from you all again.
From your gringo in peru,
Elder Garbett
Random Pics and a video

This video is what usually happens to us (more like my companion) when we are planing. Its super short but I really like what Elder Pereira does in those few short seconds.