Monday, May 8, 2017

Coming up to a fourth

April 24, 2017

Well this week went by pretty good. Here are my highlights:

1. We had splits this week and I went with one of our Zone leaders, Elder Anhuaman. It was super kool because I went on a split with him back in Vitarte back when he was training my old companion from the CCM. I could definitely see the difference between us from our first split together. 

2. Well let me just say that as a missionary I absolutely hate doing the last point of weekly planning. Inventory. It`s pretty much when we try to solve out our differences as a companionship. Back in Vitarte the WWB fighting was super popular and we would see them just while walking in the street. So Elder Salazar and I would describe it as doing inventory. But this week I was super excited to go through it because I had so much to tell my new companion (Elder Martin). I had it all planned out and I knew I was going to win. Boy was I wrong. But I learned so much from him. Pretty much everything that he is doing is because he is trying to change me into a missionary who works hard. I mean I knew how to teach, and how to lead, but not with my entire body. One of his favorite ways to get me to talk, and one of my favorite ways (kinda) is to get on a bus and then he says to everyone "Hey we have a message for all of you and my companion is going to say it while I hand out cards." 

We had what was called a Capilla abierta this week in our stake center. It pretty much was a open house where we went and invited a bunch of people and they came through the building and we explained everything. In the end we were the only people between them and the refreshments asking them about their experience. We received over 50 references and about 30 of them were for our Zone. In our last group we had the stake president in there with us. He has been a stake president for 7 consecutive years. As my companion and I finished what we were explaining, the stake president got up and said that he felt like he needed to tell his conversion story. He ended up telling us that all he did was go through the Lima temple during it`s open house and that it changed him. He later sought out the sister missionaries and got baptized within 2 weeks. It was super spiritual and in the end many  people came up to us personally (not through the reference cards) and asked for us to visit them. 

It was super kool to see all of the things that happened this week and I know that I am going to learn so much with my companion. 
I miss you all,
Elder Garbett
 Rowan and Elder Anhuaman