Tuesday, August 8, 2017


 August 7, 2017

Well I keep wondering if the miracles will ever stop. But I really like them so here they are:

1. Well first off we had a returned missionary call us the other day. And she told us that she needed us to give a blessing. apparently there is this family in our area that she is nannying and the baby has some sort of sickness or disease or whatever you want to call  it. but the point is that the baby is almost 2 years old and has a problem developing fast enough. We were told that the baby was really sensitive and doesn't like random people touching him so we had no idea how we were going to do the blessing. But as we began to give the blessing the baby calmed down and pretty much accepted our giant hands on his tiny head. It was super spiritual and the Family ended up accepting our message and we are going to continue working with them. 

2. One day (I think it was last Saturday) we received a reference from Temple square. (we only knew it was from them because it was super official and in English) But about a hour later we received a phone call from a sister missionary from there and it was kinda funny because my companion tried to communicate with her but ended up passing the phone to me because he couldn't understand her gringo Spanish. but pretty much what she told us was that we needed to call this reference right there and then. So we called and set up an appointment and found out that she really wants to learn more about us. Super!

Well this week was pretty much full of miracles. After we baptized the last family we pretty much had nobody to work with. We have been looking and looking and looking for somebody. Pretty much it was if we couldn't find anybody this week we probably weren't going to baptize this month here in my ward. But as we do what we need to do the Lord will fill in the rest. And this is exactly what happened yesterday. We were walking by one part of our area and my companion decided that we should go look for old investigators. and thinking of the area I thought of one that Elder Martin and I dropped about 2 transfers ago. Pretty much she was super close to being baptized. The only thing was that she was living with her husband who she divorced. But we dropped by and shared a message with her. Well we found out that all of her problems (i.e her husband) had gone away and she and her child were ready to be baptized. So we put a date on her and she is just ready to do  everything she needs to do to prepare herself. Really this was a testimony builder to me because like I said when we do what we need to do the Lord will fill in the rest.
I miss you all tons,
Elder Garbett